c5a3e0b9-2456-4561-f698-13975e6def67Forest School offers children a regular opportunity (a minimum of 6 sessions) to achieve and develop confidence, self-esteem, independence and creativity through hands-on learning experiences.
The aim of Forest School is to present children with ideas and inspirations that they can then develop and expand on themselves, with adults available to support and encourage their explorations. We listen and observe what they do and then use these observations to help develop the children’s ideas further the following week (We take a maximum of 15 children for a forest schools course if you want to accommodate more children then please see Explore, Discover and Create sessions).

teamwork-e1373549419492The sorts of activities that we may undertake are many and varied but include, use of bushcraft tools, fire lighting, den building, creative art work using natural materials, imaginative scenarios such as pirates, wizards, fairies and elves, music , cooking, investigating plants and animals, helping the plants and animals the list goes on.

Forest School not only has a direct impact on the children as noted above but it also offers teachers and group leaders many and varied hands on practical experiences that they can then use to base all sorts of classroom work/ group work and projects on.

a50fd4c7-65ee-43ea-cc23-27bca814c280Not all children find learning inside an easy or enjoyable experience, once outside these children often shine given the time, space, freedom and hands on practical approach to learning that they often need. At Acorn Antics we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to appreciate that we are all different and that just because traditional school work is harder for some doesn’t mean they are not talented in other ways.

We are closing down Feb 2020 please see home page for information.