At Explore, Discover and Create sessions you can bring up to a maximum of 60 children to a one day event. We can accommodate 60 at Guisborough Forest but only groups of a maximum of 40 at Burn wood.

Children will be split into groups with a maximum of 30 per group with one Acorn Antics leader per group.

At Forest Schools sessions we take no more than 14 per group.

If we work on your school site we may be able to see more than 60 children in a day allowing you to spread the cost even further. For example we can do fire taster sessions of 1 1/2 hours therefore allowing us to see 3 to 4 classes over the course of the day, contact us to discuss.

Our sessions use bushcraft tools, natural materials, fire and the outdoor / woodland space to facilitate a wide variety of activities which are tailored to support the National Curriculum and your own requirements.

All our sessions include

Having a go with a Fire Striker

Lighting a Fire for Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Den Building is generally included in some form or other if we are in a woodland.

All you need to do is choose a theme from one of those shown below.

Practical days

Natural and Unnatural Materials

A day of investigating looking for natural and unnatural elements outdoors then using them to make and create items. What we create will be time of year dependant.
Suitable for – Nursery and Reception  Where? – School site or Woodland

Woodland Fun Day

Specially chosen activities suitable for our youngest customers. Exactly what activities are time of year dependant, but may include mud cooking, mud painting, collecting and sorting, puddle hunting, cooking, potion making

Suitable for – Nursery and Reception

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)


Using games and activities to test out our senses eg colour hunts, natural painting, smelly potions.

Suitable for Reception and KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse if you have one Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)


Hunting for ancestors of the dinosaurs who still live today, making and creating dinosaurs from natural materials. Please note we also do a story book themed day for this age group and Reception.

Suitable for? – Reception and KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Minibeasts Similarities and Differences

Minibeast hunt, games and activities with a focus on similarities and differences.

Suitable for – KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Minibeasts Habitats

Minibeast hunt, games and activities with a focus on habitats

Suitable for – KS1

Where – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Flora and Fauna Day

Games and activities that look at the different flora and fauna of our woodland

Suitable for – KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Fire Experience Day

An introduction to fire and the fire triangle, how to light and maintain one safely and how to put out.

We can run 3 to 4 of these sessions in one day (class size dependant) thereby allowing you us to give more classes an experience for the same day cost.

Suitable for – KS1 and KS2

Where? – School site only

Fire Experience Day

On your school site, KS2 led.  If you have a small group of KS2’s (max 6) whom you would like to provide with an opportunity for responsibility, improved self esteem and confidence boosting then this day could be for them. We will spend the first 2 hours of the day teaching this group about fire, helping them to plan and then support them with running scaled down version of our Fire experience day for their classmates. Depending on class sizes and the 6 chosen we could work with up to 3 classes in what remains of the day.

Suitable for  – KS2 led  then teaching any age group from Reception to Yr6

Where? – School site only

Woodland Crafting

KS2 enhancement day. Working with a small group of KS2 children (6 max) we will help them to build an indoor tree using saws, secateurs, knot tying, branches and logs. In the afternoon the rest of the class can join in making and creating decorations using natural materials for the tree.

Suitable for – KS2

Where – School Site

Metal Casting

Making small metal items over an open fire just as the iron age people would have done. This can be combined with the Stone Age to Iron age day. Please note additional costs will apply to cover materials.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – School Site or Burn wood only


An SOS message is received will you have the skills to survive and rescue the casualties at the end of the day? Fire lighting in depth, den building, foraging (time of year dependant), knot tying.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – Woodland only

Explorers with additional classroom session.

Based on Cathy’s own mountaineering experiences around the world this is a half day introduction to the different mountain environments you can find and how humans adapt their clothing to survive. We will bring in mountaineering equipment both historic and new for the children to look at and try on. There are also practical activities for the children as the show progresses. The second part of this experience is outside where we try to survive (see explorers day for details)

½ day in school (slide show) then 1 day (outside explorer practical).

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – School site day one, woodland day two.

River Day

Looking at flow by boat building and following a small beck downstream to see meanders, and erosion in action. Please note due to the location of this trip only minibuses can be accommodated.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – Woodland

Imaginative Days

Enchanted Wood

Fairy and Elf Hunting, making and creating fairy and elf related items such as homes, fairies and elves themselves, food, decorations.

Suitable for – Reception and KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Witches and Wizards

Someone has been up to no good in the outdoors and stolen our hot chocolate and Marshmallows, can we get them back? Creating wands, broomsticks and cooking up potions.

Suitable for – Reception and KS1

Where?- Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Story Days

Using a story book as inspiration we will recreate the story and bring it to life through games and activities.

Examples of previous books, 3 little pigs, Where the Wild Things Are, Gruffalo, Jack and the Beanstalk, A House for Mouse (Great for looking at animal habitats), Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood

Suitable for – Reception and KS1

Where?- Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)


Getting creative with mud, how many different ways will we use it?!

Suitable for – Nursery, Reception and KS1

Where? – Woods or school site as long as we are allowed to dig up and area of your field to make mud!


Shipwrecked will we survive? Boat building, fire lighting, shelter building.

Suitable for – Reception to lower KS2

Where?- Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)


Get ready for blast off, rocket building, star making and alien construction.

Suitable for – Reception and KS1

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Stone Age – Iron Age Day

Spear making, fire lighting, foraging (time of year dependant) cave painting, and shelter building, bringing the stone age and iron age to life.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – School site or Woodland

Knights and Princesses

Creating a medieval camp, shelter building, fire lighting, cooking, sword and jewellery making.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – School site or Woodland

Shapes – Maths

Bringing shapes to life by combining an imaginative theme with the creation of 2D and 3 D shapes. Using bushcraft tools and knot tying.

Suitable for – KS2

Where? – Woodland only (this could be school copse/ large hedge if you have one)

Christmas Crafting

Using an imaginative theme we will spend the day making and creating Christmas decorations and items from natural materials and glitter of course, lots of glitter!

Suitable for – Reception and KS1

Where? – School Site

We are always flexible and will adapt to suit the children, the adults, the weather and the circumstances we find on the day to ensure that a great session is had by all. Can’t see what you want? Then get in touch we love coming up with new ideas.

Our policy is to adapt to suit our clients needs and to ensure access for all to our sessions. We are very flexible and we adapt our sessions as they progress to suit the children we have before us on the day, this generally means that we can accommodate most children’s needs without major changes.

However given the nature of the terrain and locations we work in special adaptations may be required for children with more complex physical (eg walking difficulties) and mental needs. Please alert us to these children when we call to discuss the arrangements and we can then come up with a plan to accommodate them.

Prices start from £235 per day for a group of 30 children on your school site, £245 if you visit our woodlands. Prices then vary according to, numbers and location.

Please complete our enquiry form for Explore Discover and Create sessions and we will then be in touch with an accurate price.

For Forest Schools sessions please email and we will call to discuss your needs and then provide an accurate price.

You can choose the from the following experiences

Explore, Discover and Create sessions

Suitable for one day to multi day experiences for large groups of children.

Fill out the enquiry form and we will be in touch to finalise the details

Forest Schools

Suitable for groups of 14 or less children

Contact us via email

Creative Curriculum

Suitable for large groups.

Contact us directly

For day trips there are two payments that will be required, deposit and final payment.

For multi day bookings there will be a deposit and then staged payments over the course of the booking.

To confirm your booking you will need to pay a non refundable deposit. This is payable at least 3 weeks before the event and without it your booking may be cancelled.

Once we have agreed the details of your booking we will send you confirmation and this includes payment information and invoices.

Payments can be made by online bank transfer or by cheque full details can be found on your confirmation form.

Please ensure that all children and adults are dressed as suggested below, this will ensure that they can enjoy the session no matter what the great British weather throws at us! We will provide a parent letter for you to amend and send out when we send through booking documents and this will set out what their children need to wear.

Wellies (or stout boots)

Jogging bottoms or leggings

(Please, no jeans, jeans get very cold when wet)

Long sleeved t shirt

Warm jumper, Warm coat, weather dependant

Waterproof Coat and trousers

Warm Hat and gloves / Sunhat weather dependant

All attendees – Clothing for yourself that is appropriate to the weather. A change of clothing and shoes in a plastic bag, these are to change into at the end of the session before either getting on the bus or going home you may get very wet and muddy!

If you are coming to the woods then you will also need a Packed lunch and drink and any medication that you may need for the day, please alert your teacher if you need medications.

School Organiser –

A completed consent form for each child.

Large bin bags if coming to the woods, you may need to put muddy wellies in these and you will need to take your rubbish home with you.

Wet wipes – we do supply some but particularly for Burn wood these are really useful.

First Aid kit and at least 2 working mobile phones. We do have first aid kits appropriate for what we are doing and we do carry mobile phones but we ask you to bring these as spares.

In the winter it would be advisable to bring some spare socks, gloves and hats for children that may not have appropriate clothing.

Guisborough Forest

Indoor space – We book you the Railway Carriage to leave bags and packed lunches for the day. This can also be used at lunchtime for a picnic or you can sit outside on benches or if its a really nice day we can take food into the woods. The carriage also has a small kitchen and cups so you can bring tea, coffee milk etc to make a drink at lunchtime for adults, there is no facilities for making drinks for children but we do provide those in the woods.

Toilets – There are facilities in the main centre building that are accessible throughout the day.

Cafe – This is open at lunchtimes and does fantastic food, cakes and coffees at a good price. The cakes are so huge sharing or taking home is definitely an option!

Burn Wood – a proper back to nature adventure awaits!

Indoor space – there is no indoor space at this venue. we set up Tarpaulins to provide cover from the rain.

Toilets – We bring a portable bucket toilet to this wood and we place it behind a screen, we supply toilet roll and wet wipes or hand gel.

Running water – there is no running water at this site, we wash hands with cold water that we bring in and wet wipes.

Very little stops us!

Heavy rain we dress appropriately and carry on!

Gale force winds or heavy rain combined with very low temperatures may stop us.

We monitor the forecast in the days leading up to the session and if we are concerned we will be in touch to discuss mutually acceptable alternatives, please feel free to contact us if you are in any way concerned. Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number on which to contact you directly.

Guisborough Forest and School venues

We may alternate between outdoor and indoor activities, however we will always aim to stay out. We have access to a Railway carriage (Guisborough) or we would use you classrooms or hall if available.

Burn Wood

As there is no indoor space at Burn wood we cannot offer an indoor alternative. We will put up Tarpaulins under which we can work and eat.

In the week leading up to the session we will assess the weather and will contact you if we are concerned about your day in any way to discuss mutually acceptable changes. It is very rare for it to be unsafe to proceed but it can happen, the right clothing and adjustments to our plans will normally be sufficient to allow to us to carry on.

There may be times when the session may have to be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. These may be :-

Staff/ Adult illness – which prevents Adult/ child ratios being met.
Severe weather conditions. Eg Gale force winds
Any situation that poses a health and safety risk.
In the event of this situation arising we recommend that :-

Cancellation decisions are made as soon as possible and that the Client, Acorn Antics and parents are contacted via telephone.

Acorn Antics will endeavour to run sessions whenever possible; however reserve the right to cancel on the day. All efforts will be made to reschedule the event to a mutually convenient date should a cancellation be required.

Deposits are non- refundable.

Full risk assessments have been carried out and will be forwarded to you along with your booking confirmation. Risk assessments are reviewed mentally by staff on arrival on site as each day can bring different issues and any necessary changes will be made on the day. Relevant Safety information will be discussed with children and adults during the session as and when required by your Acorn Antics Group Leader. Group Leaders have a relevant First Aid qualification and appropriate first aid equipment will be available.

An ‘Acorn Antics Parent letter/ consent form’ for you to amend and print off will be supplied with your booking confirmation. Please ensure that everyone attending gets to see a copy of the letter as it contains important information about what to bring and wear.

Please ensure that you get a consent form back for each child attending. It contains important Health and Safety consent plus a request to let us know of any health or allergy issues that may be relevant to the session. It is the school leaders responsibility to ensure that they have a copy of this consent form for each child attending.