Standard Party – £ 170 – 2 ½ hours Available at Guisborough Forest only

We provide the woodland setting, one qualified practitioner, all equipment apart from personnel clothing, a hot drink (Hot chocolate or juice) and snack (Marshmallows and Biscuits) for up to 15 children. We advise this number as it allows for great access to the activities we provide, making the party special for those children attending and for Health and Safety reasons.

You are asked to ensure that there is a minimum of 1 adult attending for every 4 children for H&S reasons. For the 5’s and under we ask for a ratio of 1:1 child to adult and ask you to stick to a max of 15 children in these cases.

Deluxe Party – £200 – 3 hours Available at Guisborough Forest or Burn Wood

As for the standard party Acorn Antics will supply drinks in the form of hot chocolate, water or juice. We will also provide: cheese and tomato pizza, hot dogs (tinned sausages to ensure cooking) bread buns and tomato ketchup, marshmallows and biscuits.

We include 15 children in our prices but are happy to run parties for up to 20 for an additional charge of £15 per child. We need to know final numbers at least 2 days before the party. For the 5’s and under we ask you to stick to a max of 15 children due to the 1:1 child to adult ratio.

Railway Carriage hire (Guisborough Forest only) – we can arrange to book this great indoor venue for you, to use to eat your party tea in (this you can bring yourself or book through us with the Branchway café). £12.50 hire charge gets you 30mins set up time, 1 hour party time and 30 mins clear up time.

If booked a key to the carriage will be supplied to you at the beginning of the woodland party by Acorn Antics.

You can access the carriage to set up your own food/decorations 30mins before your carriage booking and for 30mins afterwards to allow time for set up and tidy up.

Please note there is a kettle, water, and cups (no children’s beakers though) available for use in the carriage you just need to supply the tea, coffee and milk. Please ensure you leave the carriage as you find it, sweep the floor, wash up the cups you use and take rubbish home. The site has recycling facilities but the standard bins cannot cope with lots of rubbish. Please hand the key back into the café or post into the centre post box if the centre is shut.

Yes we can cater for different dietary requirements, just let us know as soon as possible to allow us time to source appropriate alternatives. There may be an additional cost if lots of the group require changes to the standard menu but we will let you know the cost as soon as possible.

We run parties at weekends from January – November in all weathers. We do not offer parties every weekend so cannot guarantee to be available on the exact date you request but we will try wherever possible to meet you request. The woods and our staff need a break sometimes! We do not run parties in school holidays.

Once we have confirmed a party with you we will email you an invite that you can print or email on (saving the planet!) this gives families all the information they need to know about the party and includes a list of what to wear.

Please ensure that all children and adults are dressed as suggested in the party invite and below, this will ensure that they can enjoy the session no matter what the great British weather throws at us!

Wellies (or stout boots)

Jogging bottoms or leggings

(Please, no jeans, jeans get very cold when wet)

Long sleeved t shirt

Warm jumper, Warm coat, weather dependant

Waterproof Coat and trousers

Warm Hat and gloves / Sunhat weather dependant

All attendees – Yourselves and clothing for yourself and your children appropriate to the weather.

Party Organiser – If you wish to bring a cake into the woods then please feel free. It is a walk from the car parks to party venues so please ensure it is easy to carry. Candle lighting can be a challenge in the woods! If you wish to being any other food that does not require cooking to a deluxe party then again please just ensure it is easily portable. Some plastic bags and wet wipes in your car can be a good idea as wet, muddy but happy children and adults is almost inevitable.

Heavy rain we dress appropriately and carry on! only gale force winds or heavy rain combined with very low temperatures may stop us. If this is in the forecast we will be in touch in the days before the party to discuss mutually acceptable alternatives.

Guisborough Forest – Heavy rain

Deluxe Parties only –

If Heavy rain is forecast we will have to swap Pizza’s for baked beans as we cannot cook pizza over an open fire in heavy rain.

Heavy rain combined with very cold temperatures – We will offer to swap you onto a Standard Party (ie still have a fire outside but just with hot chocolate and marshmallows),  and you supply your own food which you can then eat in the railway carriage which we will hire for you. If this is not suitable we can discuss postponing.

Burn Wood – Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain – dress appropriately and carry on….. please note though that we will need to swap pizza for baked beans as we cannot cook pizza over an open fire in heavy rain.

Heavy rain combined with very cold temperatures – As we have no indoor space at Burn Wood (although we do have tarpaulins that will be put up) we will carry on but we will shorten the party by 30 mins and ask parents to collect children slightly earlier, or we can discuss postponing to another date.

When we confirm your booking there will be two payments that you need to make.

A non refundable deposit of £100 is required to secure and confirm booking.

Final payment – includes balance for the woodland party plus as appropriate railway carriage hire, café food and additional children, this is due 2 days before the party.

Payments can be made by online bank transfer or by cheque full details can be found on your confirmation form.

In the week leading up to the party we will assess the weather and will contact you if we are concerned about your party in any way. It is very rare for it to be unsafe to proceed but it can happen, the right clothing and adjustments to our plans will normally be sufficient to allow to us to carry on.

There may be times when the party may have to be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. These may be :-

Staff/ Adult illness – which prevents Adult/ child ratios being met.
Severe weather conditions. Eg Gale force winds
Any situation that poses a health and safety risk.
In the event of this situation arising we recommend that :-

Cancellation decisions are made as soon as possible and that the Client, Acorn Antics and parents are contacted via telephone.

Acorn Antics will endeavour to run sessions whenever possible; however reserve the right to cancel on the day. All efforts will be made to reschedule the event to a mutually convenient date should a cancellation be required.

Deposits are non- refundable.

Full risk assessments have been carried out (available on request). Relevant Safety information will be discussed with children and adults during the party as and when required by your Group Leader. Group Leaders have a relevant First Aid qualification and appropriate first aid equipment will be available.

An ‘Acorn Antics Party Invite’ for you to print off will be supplied with your booking confirmation. Please ensure that each child and adult invited to the party receives/ see a copy of this, it contains important Health and Safety information including a request to let us know of any health or allergy issues that may be relevant to the party.