Camp fire, toasting marshmallows

Want to be a Shipwrecked Pirate and learn how to survive?

Maybe a Knight or Princess defending your castle?

Make a Fire or build a den?

These are just some of the many options but what will you choose?

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All our parties include

  • Using a Fire Striker
  • Lighting a Fire for Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
  • Den Building
  • Woodland Games suited to the theme chosen

Our themes

Fairies and Elves

Magic Wands and Potions
(suitable for ages 4-6)

Princesses and Knights

Swords, Flags and Jewellery
Approx. Age range 4- 8

Team games and Den Building

Knot tying and Team work skills
Approx. Age range 6-11

Naturally Creative 1

Minibeast Hunt, Mud animal creation
Approx. age range 4-8

Witches and Wizards

Magic Wands, Potions and Broomsticks
(suitable for ages 4-6)


Swords and Flags
Approx. Age range 4- 8


Fire Lighting and Den Building in depth
Approx. Age range 6-11

Naturally Creative 2

Crafting outdoors with Natural materials
Approx. Age range 8-11

Prices and Further information

Prices start from £170 for up to 15 children for a standard party (with Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows) and £200 for up to 15 children for a deluxe party (Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows, Pizza and Hot dogs).

Follow the links for frequently asked questions and a guide to our fabulous locations.

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